No matter if you need a change of reel width, diameter, core or winding direction - we provide the right machine equipment and technical know-how. The experience of more than three decades in reel converting, the continuous investments into new technologies and refinement of existing operations make APV your reliable partner for short-term as well as for permanent needs.This is supported by warehousing service and remote inventory control (optional).

APV proposes two different reel converting technologies: rewinding and sawing. The following chart gives an overview when one or other process has to be considered:



Reel Sawing

Production Time

Does not depend on the number of cuts

Very quick if only one cut

Changing Core



Changing reel diameter



Changing winding side



Sawing is the first choice for width modifications. The reel characteristic, diameter and core remain untouched. If one reel should be divided in several parts, then sawing is not economical anymore and rewinding is the preferred solution.

However, each converting subject has to be individually treated for finding the ideal process. Our qualified team will help you to find the right location, machine type for your converting demand and help you by organizing transports from / to our production plants.