Rewinding is the preferred application if the production of multiple daughter reels from a mother reel is requested. It can be either the segmentation by width or diameter (or a combination of both).

Scheme of slitting + rewinding Scheme of rewinding

Scheme of slitting + rewinding

Scheme of rewinding

Parisloire-APV provides the best tools for rewinding and cutting:

  • Sophisticated rewinding with automatic tension control, edge guides and possibility of central slitting.
  • Precision cutting, down to the exact millimeter
  • Changes of width, winding direction, reel diameter and core

Technical Specifications Rewinding:

Max. width (mother reels):

3270 mm

Max. diameter (mother reels):

2000 mm

Max. weight (mother reels):

6000 kg

Min. and max. width produced:

50 – 3200 mm

Max. diameter (daughter reels):

1580 mm

Possible core diameters of daughter reels:

28, 50, 70, 76, 90, 100, 120, 150, 152, 200 or 300 mm

Parisloire-APV converts all sorts of reel based papers and flexible materials such as foil and composites.