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APV Germany is a reference in Europe in the area of reel based paper and flexible materials with diverse activities. It starts from converting services through to the manufacturing of paper reel products for various applications.
With four slitter rewinders and two saws we convert and handle 20.000 tons of paper, board and other flexible materials per year. In answer to our customers’ requirements, our constant concern for improving and refining our technology is backed by a policy of intensive investment.
In 2011, Parisloire-APV built a workshop in which the cleanliness and hygiene conditions has been particularly devised for demanding customers in fields such as high technologies, medical and food industries.
We also made important investments for the improvement of the working conditions and the security of our employees.
In fact, we implement all necessary human and technical resources for reaching our goal which is the total satisfaction of our customers.



APV (Achmer Papier Verarbeitung) was founded in Bramsche near Osnabrück. A workshop dedicated to rewinding paper for the German market was built.


Parelco was founded in Lussac Les Châteaux near Poitiers. A factory dedicated to rewinding for the French market was built.


The first reel saw was installed in Lussac Les Châteaux.
Parelco became Parisloire.


Takeover of APV by Parisloire.


Both companies Parisloire and APV change their name adopting the name "Parisloire-APV".


A turret rewinder is installed in Lussac Les Châteaux.


A rewinding plant dedicated to high technology materials and food packaging is started in Bramsche.


Parisloire-APV has obtained the HACCP certification allowing the company to convert material in the respect of the cleanliness and hygiene rules.